Core 1.1 Dependency Injection VS 2017

How to identify the dependencies? Its really simple. You need to divide your application into smaller possible components. Lets assume the smallest component we are talking about is a class. A class provides the definition of attributes and behaviors, of an object. An object can perform certain responsibilities (behaviors). To perform these responsibilities they may need to initiate other smaller components. Tada! here comes the dependency.

IActionResult in Core MVC VS2017 Mvc controllers can have different methods usually called actions or action methods. Mvc has introduced the separation of concern with IActionResults. The separation is between stating the intentions and executing the intentions. Stating the intention is to the programmers writing codes in action methods. Execution is usually handled by the built-in IActionResult implementations … Continue reading IActionResult in Core MVC VS2017

Asp.Net Core 1.1 MVC Routing in VS2017

For single page applications you can easily use Mvc middleware with following method. app.UseMvcWithDefaultRoute(); But for an application that presents more than one pages and navigate between those pages often demands a better management of the routes to those pages. You can use Mvc middleware with following method where you can pass route configurations. app.UseMvc(Action configureRoutes); As it … Continue reading Asp.Net Core 1.1 MVC Routing in VS2017