IActionResult in Asp.net Core MVC VS2017

Asp.net Mvc controllers can have different methods usually called actions or action methods. Asp.net Mvc has introduced the separation of concern with IActionResults. The separation is between stating the intentions and executing the intentions. Stating the intention is to the programmers writing codes in action methods. Execution is usually handled by the built-in IActionResult implementations [...]

Asp.Net Core 1.1 MVC Routing in VS2017

For single page applications you can easily use Mvc middleware with following method. app.UseMvcWithDefaultRoute(); But for an application that presents more than one pages and navigate between those pages often demands a better management of the routes to those pages. You can use Mvc middleware with following method where you can pass route configurations. app.UseMvc(Action configureRoutes); As it [...]

Adding CSS, JS & Fonts to Asp.net Core MVC

If you are done with adding MVC to asp.net core, you must have added your first controller and a corresponding razor view. Adding all the HTML code along with js and CSS files the developers expect to see a great looking page in the browser after compiling the solution. But to their surprise something like following appears Dont [...]

AspNetCore Request Pipeline and Middlewares VS2017

AspNetCore, like its predecessors Katana and vNext, heavily rely on middleware. Lets consider middleware as a black boxed components filled with instructions. One of these instructions is to call the next middleware. If the next middleware is available to call, then it's called on the call stack but if there isn't control is given back [...]